Sneak Peek Pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas!

here's a sneak peek at another sample i did for Blue Sky recently. i'm told the pattern, Two Button Hat Set, will be out soon. it's an quick and easy knit done in their Worsted Hand Dyes. it's lightweight but nice and warm. the color used here is Putty. i knit these lovelies on size 9 Addi circulars and boy was it smooth and fast. i bet the toughest part was picking buttons!


I'm Outta Here!

i know, i finished these a little while ago. i am so very behind on my blogging and i am playing 'catch-up'. being out of town next week camping with family won't help, but don't worry, i'll leave you with a few visual goodies. ;) i hope you all have a great week and that knitting is a part of it! see ya next week!

here is my Lovebug modeling her new Hat & Wristlets. i used Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes in Midnight Blue and their Suri Merino in Earth. i knit them using Clover bamboo dpn's, size 11.

we had so much fun doing these 'photo shoots'. i can't believe how my wee little Princess Lovebug has grown! it's still kinda hard to think about her turning 15 this July. 15! my birthday is this Friday and i'll be turning 34 years young. man does time FLYand i'm glad to say we've even had some fun!


Pickled Yarn: Part 1

i am very late on posting about our adventures at the Sheep Shearing Festival at Shepherd's Choice a few weekends ago and i sincerely apologize for that! i will try to get to as much as i can this next week so you will have plenty to gander at. (in other words i took a LOT of pics!) so check back often. you won't want to miss a thing!

First off, i want to post about this very cool, hip way to dye yarn. from the creative minds of Lynne & Nancy we have none other than...Pickled Yarn. Yes, you read that correctly. Pickled Yarn. it's the simple process of putting a skein of yarn, mine was Lily Cotton, adding some dye and water, slapping a lid on and waiting. a lot like the way we can, or pickle, our veggies. after a few days, you take out the yarn, rinse it well, hang it to dry and voila! a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

more Pickled Yarn pics to come...

Mi 'Manos' Amigos

say hello, to my leetle friends...(hello to my leetle friends)

mulled wine


and flame


A Conversation with and A Realization about: My Dear, Dear Socky

i wanted to be cool and learn how to make a sock. with all the super-stupendous sock yarn and those oh-so-loverly patterns to choose from, how could i not? so, naturally, i bought a fabulous yarn, the best needles, i took a class at the best LYS, and you were born. i was so proud!

it started out so sweet and innocent. i would knit and knit and knit and knit and knit to see how fast you would grow. even though it took awhile at first, i still knit and knit and knit and knit and knit. all that knitting and you had hardly grown at ALL! so, i put you aside. it was hard, i know, but i was frustrated. you understand, don't you? i felt bad for neglecting you, so i started taking you with me. i went to see the Yarn Harlot in all that very bad weather and you were there in my hands my dear socky. no one else got to go. just you. and wasn't it totally fun? i have taken you to the Kelley Farm to visit our friends and the animals. you like my friends don't you? i even bring you with if we go somewhere and i'm not driving. you're the first thing i put in my bag. i will probably even take you camping with us. so you see, I AM TRYING TO BOND WITH YOU DEAR LITTLE SOCKY! really i am. it's not you, it's me. *sigh*

after that, i decided i may not be the sock knitter type. i know, i know, but i just can't seem to stay focused on this one sock so how on Earth am i going to make another one? i'm just not sure how to make this work. does this happen with all first timers? how do you get through? is it just me? is it the sock? *sigh*

at least the yarn is really cool...maybe it could be a shawl?


The Very Model for My ModernKnittedBabySweater(er)

i thought i'd post these cutie patootie pics of my great friend Lisa's daughter Hadassah...

today, our young model is sporting the ever popular Baby Boat Neck Sweater from Debbie Bliss' pattern book 'Baby Knits for Beginners'. using only the best yarn, this hand knit was made using Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, in their Willow colorway. this cuddly sweater is sure to please even the choosiest of children.

notice how the garment hugs just enough but still leaves room enough to grow? whether your little one is rough-and-tumble or a stop-to-smell-the-flowers type, they'll enjoy wearing this little number in warm and cool weather alike.

this sweater is a 'must have' for any couture savvy wardrobe. pair it up with a sweet little beanie or bonnet and you'll be ready to face the fashion runway of life!

thank you so much Lisa and Hadassah for that adorable photo shoot!