Campin' Up Nort Part 1

Camping at Schoolcraft State Park this August

Harebell: Campanula rotundifolia

anyone have a name for this?

the "Mighty Mississippi"

Large-leaved Aster: Eurybia macrophylla

some fungus among us

Good night sun

"Minnesota nice"

the "Big One"

His and Hers front row seats


A Busy Bee!

that is what i have been these last few months! i have been on a HUGE cleaning/decluttering/organizing kick and that has taken up a TON of my time (not to mention schooling, eating, sleeping and a wee bit o' knitting among other such frivolous activities). so, i will be posting a lot more in a little while.

i have been taking plenty of pics and will share them all when we get to the end of what this is all culminating into...a massive sale in my garage! yes. i said it. I, yours truly, the one and only, theblondeknitter, who goes to but never has garage sales, will be selling things from my garage!
my family is still full of skepticism, but the fruit will be bore very soon and with it (i HOPE) will a chunk of cashola! i freely admit i hope i make money at this because to me, it is not worth all the time and effort (and stress) only to make 20 dollars. (hence, the reason why i don't HAVE them)
so, i am alive. i am well. i shall return!


Talk About Cowliscious!

I have had the Sherbrooke Cowl pattern in my Ravelry queue for quite some time now and have only recently managed to make it appear, in all it's yummyness, as an FO. I am in love with this cowl. I truly, seriously am. Lolly, my dear, thank you.

Yes, it probably has a lot to do with the scrumptious fiber I chose to create it with. After all, it IS Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted. It may also have to do with the oh-so-fab shade of aqua that goes surprisingly well with my coloring. It definately has something to do with the simplicity of the pattern that amazingly shows up as a beautiful interweaving of seemingly intricate detail.

For me, this is the 'whole package', as far as having all the necessary ingredients in making the 'perfect' knit object which are simplistic in and of themselves. The recipe? Pattern ease, great yarn, time needed. Together, they have culminated into such a warm, soft and very, very wearable piece of knitty goodness. (And I was a cowl sceptic~shhhhhh)


Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me A Match...

I have been really getting into making matching winterwear objects. It just seems right. Think about how lonely a hat would be without a pair of mittens to keep it company. Think about a scarf, all alone, with no hat or mittens to play with. Just think of it! It's a travesty really. It should not be so! I have resolved to remedy that with my knitwear.

So far, I have made this scarf. It needed a pal, so I made this beret for it.

Great has been the joy of the scarf!

But i cannot stop there, oh no. I am in the process of deciding on a pair of mittens to make that will round out the items to make a sweet trio of handknits. And there will be more joy!

Now, back to the needles!