For You Stash Voyeurs

Q: Isn't it nice when others share photos of their stash with people who will really appreciate it?
A: YES! so I am. or is it so am I? hmmmm...

these are the latest additions to my ever-growing stash pile (cheshire cat-like grin). meet my BSA worsted *NKOTB in green, purple, cranberry, chocolate, rusty and red. these colors are just fabulous. i had a hard time getting the color just right and i can tell they're still not perfect. they're very vibrant and man is this yarn soft! i have big plans for you, my new pretties...big plans...
*extra points if you read this and got it without thinking about it or needing to reread it!


a friend to knit with said...

al-righty then. extra points for me. :)

lovely stash!

ali said...

Hehehe, having high school flashbacks!

Happy knitting-