Goody Goody Gumdrops!!

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! really! but first, we should go back to the beginning of the story...*(queue funky flashback music a la Wayne's World: deedle-e doo, deedle-e doo)*

awhile ago, in a small, bustling town not far from the Mississippi River, a *thirty-something that looks like a twenty-something* girl sat at her desk working on her computer. (now, when i say 'sat' i mean to imply 'with pain'. you see, her desk chair is really cool looking but has no cushion. well, that is to say it has a cushion but the cushion wasn't working very well-at all.) oh how she longed for a comfortable place to put her ample bottom!
it was common to find her staring off somewhere, visualising what a wonderful sensation it would be to have a soft place for her derriere. all too quickly, however, she would be jolted back to reality by pains that shot up her back and the popping sounds of her joints going back into place as she repositioned herself.
now, here i should mention the previous discription is only *slightly* embellished to give the reader a keener sense of the agony our heroine was suffering. after all, one must properly give adequate detail to form a deep relation and compassion between the reader and the one being read about so as to keep the proper amount of attention. let's move on, shall we?
as i was saying, there i was with a pain in my bum due to the junky cushion i was sitting on when i worked on the computer. it was giving me serious back problems. so i asked my hubby about getting a laptop so i could at least sit on the couch. well, gas was 40$/gallon, milk 12$/gal and don't get me started on that tangent...in a nutshell, it wasn't budget busting worthy. drat!

*(fast forward to this week: schoomp)*
gas: $1.75/gal (WoO hOo!!)
milk: $3.50/gal
nutshells: unknown

our budget is back on track so my sweet, adorable honey says, "I think we can afford to get a laptop. We should order one."
*(pan across room to see theblondeknitter's reaction)*
*(husband rushes over to administer CPR to passed out theblondeknitter)*
*(theblondeknitter comes to and sweetly replies)* : sure.

ok, ok, i guess i should mention that in between there was a fair amount of begging, bargaining, complaining, grumbling, and the like to get my own way. BUT, i always stopped when honey said 'no'. sometimes he just waited longer to say it. and sometimes, it took longer to hear it.

so, all that to say, i'm getting a laptop and it will be here soon, and i will definitely post pics to show her off!!

p.s. i LoVe my wonderful, generous, sweet, kind, handsome, gentle, thoughtful, fabulous, stupendous, loving, tall, intillegent, i'm sure there's more husband!


twistedinstitches said...

ooo I'm so jealous. Laptop and BACK ON BUDGET???

Dreamily stares off into cyberspace.....


ali said...

A nice cushion would've been cheaper... hehehe!
But who'm I kidding? I'd take a laptop over a cushion ANY DAY!!!

I love my laptop...

Happy knitting-