A Promise is a Promise

well, since i posted last there's been a lot more noise around the house. as you can imagine the wee little birdies are finding their voices and now that there are 3 baby birds it's even a bit louder. the third one made its grand debut this last Sunday, as far as we can tell. i did get a few pics, but it is hard to differenciate each one from the other as they are kinda crammed in the nest. basically in the pics they are in a row from left to right. and i believe the 3rd one can be determined by its little bum on the far right. the dark blackish colored spots are their eyes if that helps.


raining sheep said...

Unbelievable images. Honestly, that is so miraculous.

ali said...

That is so cool!
Are there any more eggs?

Fun stuff,
happy knitting-