You're My Little Girl

on a warm sunny day in 1993 i went into labor. the next day, i went into shock. i couldn't believe i was holding a baby in my arms that was mine. her tiny fingers and toes, her soft little whisps of blonde hair, her big blue eyes. *sigh* little did i know i was in for the time of my life!

over the years my Lovebug has been my only constant companion. always by my side. we've been through a lot. we've laughed together, cried together, played together and learned together. she has been the source of a lot of things in my life. good things. hard things. sweet things. i don't want to let her go. i don't want to be drawing closer to the time where she'll leave my arms. it's bad enough she barely fits into them anymore. but let her go i must. just a little. a little more.

my one-and-only baby is 15 today. and i can hardly believe what a beautiful young lady she's turning into. as i look at her still innocent face, i see joy, peace and love. i also see a bit of me in there and it makes me smile. *sigh*

Happy Birthday my sweet Princess Lovebug. i love you so, so much. you will always be my little girl!

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asaveek said...

I fully agree. Kayla is a beautiful young lady. I am proud of her. And I am proud of you, her mother.