The Ravelympics Are About To Commence!

all righty, i'm getting geared up for the event of the year, The Ravelympics on Ravelry! if you haven't joined, or even heard of this and you're a fiber artist of any sort, you're missing out on a heap of fun!

it's fashioned very much like the real Olympics and starts the same day, 08.08.08.

there are teams: a ton-including international ones. i'm on Team BSA-naturally.

there are events: the ones on my sidebar-as well as the sock put, amigurumi-n-toys toss, afghan marathon, cable steeplechase, shawl relay, vest vault...the list goes on.

there's even a Ravelympic Village to hang out in and meet new people, talk to teammates, get encouragements...

they are really putting on the show for this and i'm so excited to be a part of it!


twistedinstitches said...


Keep training girlfriend...we can do it!!!!


Now, you take the vest, socks and toys, and I'm going stranded colorwork. We'll leave designing up to Ali. Sylvia's going sweaters on us. The play should work--(checks playbook...who gave me Dr. Seuss???!)

All we need now is the maid, the cook and the bottle washer.

I haven't found them yet...but I'm holding out for a big rush in the end...



raining sheep said...

Wow, knitters are intense!! This all looks like great fun...and it looks to me like you better keep training until opening ceremonies...only a few days to go.