A Busy Bee!

that is what i have been these last few months! i have been on a HUGE cleaning/decluttering/organizing kick and that has taken up a TON of my time (not to mention schooling, eating, sleeping and a wee bit o' knitting among other such frivolous activities). so, i will be posting a lot more in a little while.

i have been taking plenty of pics and will share them all when we get to the end of what this is all culminating into...a massive sale in my garage! yes. i said it. I, yours truly, the one and only, theblondeknitter, who goes to but never has garage sales, will be selling things from my garage!
my family is still full of skepticism, but the fruit will be bore very soon and with it (i HOPE) will a chunk of cashola! i freely admit i hope i make money at this because to me, it is not worth all the time and effort (and stress) only to make 20 dollars. (hence, the reason why i don't HAVE them)
so, i am alive. i am well. i shall return!

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Alison said...

Yay for decluttering!
I hope your sale is a huge success!
And I hope to see some of your knitting soon... :-)