Talk About Cowliscious!

I have had the Sherbrooke Cowl pattern in my Ravelry queue for quite some time now and have only recently managed to make it appear, in all it's yummyness, as an FO. I am in love with this cowl. I truly, seriously am. Lolly, my dear, thank you.

Yes, it probably has a lot to do with the scrumptious fiber I chose to create it with. After all, it IS Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted. It may also have to do with the oh-so-fab shade of aqua that goes surprisingly well with my coloring. It definately has something to do with the simplicity of the pattern that amazingly shows up as a beautiful interweaving of seemingly intricate detail.

For me, this is the 'whole package', as far as having all the necessary ingredients in making the 'perfect' knit object which are simplistic in and of themselves. The recipe? Pattern ease, great yarn, time needed. Together, they have culminated into such a warm, soft and very, very wearable piece of knitty goodness. (And I was a cowl sceptic~shhhhhh)


kim said...

The color really does suit you well. What a great knit!

raining sheep said...

Beautiful cowl! I love cowls, quick to knit, fun to knit and absolutely necessary for our Canadian winters.

skeinsherway said...

I remain a bit of a cowl skeptic... so many of them look so nice (your IS lovely!) but I never wear them. I'm a big scarf person, as in, I love big scarves, wrapped around a couple times.
But the lure of the cowl is beginning to get to me...

happy knitting-

Amy Lu said...

How gorgeous!

I love your blog! So fresh! So clean!

skeinsherway said...

Hmmm, anything new....??