Here's A Post

ok, here's something. An update of sorts, if you will. Buckle your seatbelt and pay attention now.

I have been knitting a sample for BSA and trying to stay on task for a church newsletter that I publish. I've been nursing myself back to health after what we're referring to as 'The Great Fall of '08' and trying to avoid getting a really bad cold although I do think the Singulair is working. Homeschooling is going well, as long as my Love stays on task. She's not fond of reports. I've found some new info on my family tree. My grandmother has cancer. We finished taking care of the other grandma's place and now have her old car so we can finally retire the very used 1992 Jeep. Cleaning the house has been going well and has been more consistant. I have 2 new teapots I'll share with you as well as some new tea. Menu planning has been going very well and I have actually stuck to 9/10ths of it this time. I just preserved (washed, dried, cut, measured and froze-hence the word 'preserved') about 35 red peppers (pics for that too) and really enjoyed it. I can feel my domesticness growing and I am totally embracing my inner-homemaker. LOVE IT! I've also gotten some vintage linens and a vintage apron from other grandma who passed away. I feel very blessed to have these items and it helps that I really liked these things already. I have recently taken up learning chess. I'm still trying to figure out why people play it and I like strategy games. I'm more of a Risk girl I guess. You know, the whole 'world domination' thing? Uh, yeah, it IS that addicting. (insert evil laugh here) But don't try it cause I already have a ton of competition and it would just annoy me to have to destroy you. Er, I mean, I think there's an intervention class I should take at the new 'Y'. Yeah, that's it....for now. Oh wait, and I am ordering some spices from Penzeys this weekend. Gotta try their salad dressing mixes and I want to learn how to make soup. mmmmm.

ok then. I can't afford the dinner that makes itself.


ali said...

There's a dinner that makes itself?! I gotta try it...

raining sheep said...

Good grief! I feel inadequate now...I am counting down the days this week because after this week I get two weeks off. I have not cleaned anything and the most important human on this planet is my cleaning lady Betty. The only handmade thing I have made is a few Christmas ornaments. Sigh! I can't wait for holidays.