Happy 2009

so another year has sped by and i barely remember any of it. i was keeping up until about August and then it starts to blur. i'm hoping 2009 is a bit slower or that my memory will be improved. things have been getting better around here and i hope to keep the resolve i've got and to increase it this next year. so, if i stay on track, i'll have a 'perfect' life in several decades and i'll be able to retire. ;)

i'm glad for my life and i'm glad another year is about to end. i like new beginnings and i can't wait to get this new chapter started!



ali said...

Here's hoping' for that 'perfect life'!

Happy knitting in the new year-

a friend to knit with said...

happy NEW year!!!!!!!!!!!

raining sheep said...

Happy 2009 to you too. I hope you have many wonderful moments in this new year. I am back at work and already missing being at home. I have some socks on the needle and actually am doing a bit more sewing this year. No set projects but we shall see what will get accomplished :)