Humble Beginnings

so i was doing some Spring cleaning and thought it should include my stash. it was a good idea cause it was pretty disorganized and honestly, i couldn't even remember what i had tucked away. so, when i came across a ziploc bag with these items in it, i was instantly brought back to where i began my whole knitting journey...

it was my first time in a LYS and i really didn't know what i was doing AT ALL. i knew i wanted to make something, i knew i wanted Blue Sky Alpacas yarn, and i knew i needed needles. i ended up with 3 hanks of the organic cotton in 'willow' and a Plymouth bamboo circular needle, size 8. they gave me a free ruler, put it all in a cute bag, and sent me on my merry way! i had NO IDEA what i would do with any of it.

enter my great friend, who had been knitting for a few years and was trying to get me 'hooked'. she recommended getting the book 'Baby Knits for Beginners' by Debbie Bliss. so i did. i picked out the boatneck sweater and started knitting some basic stockinette. then, i started doing projects for Blue Sky (all those sweet baby hoodies and a few others) and it got put in a bag for 'later'. well, that was about a year or so ago and i have found it and i finished up the front. i am going to finish this project so i can add a FO to my list. besides, it's such a shame to see that yummy yarn just sitting there with no one to love it!

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ali said...

Yay for dusting off old projects!
Maybe someday I'll even finish the old Celtic Cardigan... maybe...

Praying for a baby to wear that sweet little sweater when it's done! You go girl!

Happy knitting-