Coming Up...

I have been knitting, a LOT actually. I have also been on holiday and we all know what that means. The After-Holiday clean-up and getting back into 'normal mode' has begun. I have actually remembered today is Monday...the whole day. It's making me think I may actually have a handle on things!

So, I will be getting organized, editing photos, thinking up amusing and insightful things to say and eventually that will culminate to an actual blog post. In between doing that I'll be cooking, cleaning, baking, parenting, homeschooling, working, writing, researching, FREEZING, make that trying NOT to freeze, knitting, working on getting my other blog up and running, reading, designing, eating, sleeping...you get the idea.

So til then, what's on your needles? What's your new fave project or recent FO? Do share!



Alison said...

On the needles, Just Enough Ruffles, need to put the finish on that one asap!

Amanda said...

Oh I wish I could knit!!

I see your in MN, I am North of the Metro!!


Kelly said...

I love knitting but I've only managed a few scarf. lol