Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Green...

Hello Autumn, Hello Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown!

I looked outside the picture window (last week) to discover this busy little tree throwing its leaves up for a crisp breeze to blow them away. (it had actually been doing this for awhile but i am just now documenting it as i was in grave denial and have now decided to embrace the changing weather) It was once so very green. It's lush, leaf-filled branches concealed birds and bugs. Now, that is but a happy memory. *sigh*

Time to break out the long sleeves, heavy denim, leg warmers and hand warmers and ear warmers and big, thick socks! This year will be a very special year for those sorts of things. this year, I will be knitting them! Hats and scarves all around, have a pair of mittens on me! Warm cozy, knit things for everyone! This is going to be an easier transition into the cooler weather than I thought.

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