Sock Progress

so the top sock is the one from my Sock Class and the second one i just HAD to start (from the same pattern) b/c of how fabulous the colorway is (from Fearless Fibers-Sand and Sun). i immediately balled it and got started. it's turning out rather loverly i think. i'm not as fond of the first one. it's ok and all, but it's knitting up very slow. i kinda just grabbed a skein w/out really thinking about it and making sure i REALLY liked it and wanted it...oh well, live and learn right? i WILL finish at least the one so i can say 'i finished it'. this may be the first addition to the 'NGFT' pile (Never Gonna Finish That). i will most likely finish the Sand and Sun to make a pair cause it's just such a great color!

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