one set done, one to go...

i just finished a sample of BSA's new Baby Beanie & Mittens set and it turned out sooooo cute! it's in their new Melange color Blue Cheese. soooooo soft for baby's head and hands! i have pictures, on my 35mm camera of course...along with pictures of the other set i'm finishing up, the new Hat & Wristlets set using their new Suri Merino in Seamist and their new Worsted Hand Dyes color Aqua together. very hip!

if you haven't been to their website lately, you are missing out! they have some great new patterns and yarn and yarn colors to drool over. you should really stop by...it's worth it! (personal affiliations aside)

the Baby Beanie set is a fast and easy knit for a quick little gift. my SIL is having a little boy in August. he will be getting a set for sure. i think i want to try it in the Toasted Almond color.

the Hat & Wrislets pattern was a fun knit, but was a little tricky on the yo's for me personally. it was my first real yo pattern and only my second on dpns, but once i got the hang of it, it was fun to finish up! it's not really my style, but my kinda picky daughter asked me to make her a set as soon as i could cause they were 'sooooo cool mom! i really want a set please?!' how could i say no to that?

i may try the Dungeree and Cloud colors, but maybe she wants Green and Meadow...there are so many choices! i'll have to get her to keep practicing her knitting so she can make her own!


Jean said...

I had a hard time with YO's when I first tried them. Looking back, I can't understand why I found them so tricky, I just know I did. Very cute hat/hand sets.

Debra said...

I like the wristlet pattern-- does it use drop stitches? I can't tell.

Nichelle said...

Keep up the good work.